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    Rope and Rescue 1/2" 300' Work and Rescue Kit

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    Rope and Rescue 1/2" 300' Work and Rescue Kit 

    What's Your Rescue Plan?



    The Rope and Rescue 1/2" Work and Rescue Kit is a great kit for a regular work day, or a pick off rescue. We've made this kit simple by labeling the carabiners, and pre-rigging all your hardware. This will allow for a quick response, per OSHA, if a rescue situation occurs. We assembled this kit together with all the key elements that a tower climber will need for work and rescue. 

    The kit features our revolutionary Anchor Bag. New and improved, this anchor bag simplifies the pick-off rescue by keeping all your hardware together and out of the way until needed.  As you open the kit you'll see a rated sling. Start by throwing that sling over your shoulder, and climbing. The rope will trail behind you out of the bag as you climb up. This allows you to only carry the rope you need for the climb!

    Once above the victim, you will throw the sling over the tower, and attach it to the carabiner that's at the top of the anchor bag. Opening up the bag will allow all your hardware deploy, rigged and ready for use. Use the Petzl ID'L to descend down to the victim, where you will then use the included pulleys and prusik to rig a mechanical advantage system to lift them up. Once they're attached to your system (using those handy labled carabiners) you can descend to the ground safely. 

    The kit will include PMI Classic EZ Bend rope, and the Petzl ID'L (NFPA G rated for a rescue).

    Will I have to build the kit once I get it?

    This kit will come pre-rigged, meaning everything is already assembled! You simply grab the sling and go!

    How would I lift someone up with the pulleys in the anchor bag?

    There are lots of ways to lift a victim during a rescue. Everyone trains how to do it a bit differently, so we've intentionally left it up to you. However, you can read about a way that we see commonly used here. It's pretty simple and creates a 4:1

    I don't like the idea of leaving the kit on the ground.

    When we designed the kit, we had leaving it on the ground in mind. That way you only carry up the rope you actually need for the rescue. If someone gets stuck at 50', you only carry up 50' of rope, instead of the entire kit. However, there are some situations where you will need to carry the entire kit up with you. Alternately, you can rig the kit at the start of the day so it's ready to go in case of emergency.

    Has there been good feedback on the kit?

    Glad you asked. We've sold lots of these kits to tower companies all over the world, and they've even been used in actual rescue situations. Todd Horning, Director of Training at Safety One Training International, Inc., said "This kit contains the essentials that a technician at height needs when faced with a possible rescue"Steve Wilcox, Senior Instructor & Product Testing Manager at ComTrain, called this the "ideal kit". He said, "this package has everything needed to perform a complete pick off rescue" and "this kit [is] the ideal marriage of working equipment with rescue potential in one".

    You can also check out all the great reviews of the kit by our customers.

    Why did you use PMI EZ Bend rope in the kit?

    PMI EZ Bend is a great rope for rescue because of it's low stretch. It also operates well in the ID.

    What if I want a different length? Or Rope? Or Color?

    We do custom kits. Just get in touch and let us know what you are looking for. There will likely be a few week leadtime for custom requests.

    Why did you use the large ID?

    The large ID is rated NFPA G, which is the fire standard for 2 person rescues. It works with 1/2" rope. However, we have a version of the kit with the small ID and 7/16" rope here.

    Do I need a rescue kit?

    What you need is a rescue plan. OSHA requires you to have a plan for promptly rescuing someone in case of a fall. This plan usually has two parts: training, and a tower rescue kit. We've made the kit part easy for you by making this pre-rigged kit. You'll still have to find proper training (check out a few training companies we work with here).