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    Product Description

    Rope and Rescue Fixed Lower Rescue Kit Deluxe

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    Fixed Lower Rescue Kit

    Available Lengths



    • Contains:
      • Petzl ID Descender
      • 2 ANSI Rated Carabiners
      • 1 Rock Exotica Wire Eye Pirate Carabiner
      • Sterling HTP 11mm Rope with Sewn Eye
      • HXAZ 4:1 Haul Kit
      • 6' Anchor Sling
      • Deluxe Rope Pack

    The Rope and Rescue Fixed Lower Rescue Kit Deluxe is a great rescue solution for a variety of emergency situations. We pre-rig the kit so you don't have to puzzle through putting it together. Even if you do rescue training once-a-year, remembering how to rig the equipment in an emergency can be difficult, especially with OSHA requiring a "prompt rescue".

    This kit is designed for one of the easiest types of rescue out there. It includes a pre-rigged HXAZ Haul Kit, making the patient lift a breeze. The kit has mechanical progress capture built in. Once you get to the patient, attach the labelled carabiner to them, and lift them up with the haul kit.

    From there, disconnect the patient from whatever they are stuck on and start lowering them. Since the haul system is attached to the Petzl ID, there is now need to transition from one system to another. The Petzl ID allows you to easily control the speed of the patients descent from a fixed location. If needed, use a small cord as a tag line to guide the patient past any obstacles.

    Will I have to build the kit once I get it?

    No. We put everything together for you. That way it's ready to go when you get it and you don't have to waste time putting it together.

    Is there a way to keep the ID on the ground and lower the patient from there?

    Yes, though you'll need a few extra pulleys, straps, and carabiners. You'll also need more rope since you'll be running the rope from the ground to the patient and back down again. If you want to configure your kit this way just email us and let us know what you need. Email bid@ropeandrescue.com

    What if there are obstacles below the patient?

    You can use a tag line (a smaller rope that you attach to the patient and direct them with from the ground) to avoid obstacles. However, there will be some settings where a Fixed Lower Rescue just doesn't make sense. Fixed lower is a very easy way to do a rescue, but if it's not possible, consider a pick-off rescue. We have a great kit for that called our Deluxe Tower Rescue Kit.

    Why did you use HTP in the kit?

    HTP is a great rope for rescue because of its low stretch. It also operates well in the ID.

    What if I want a different length? Or Rope? Or Color? Or a few extra carabiners?

    Wow, you're picky. But that's great! We do custom kits. Just get in touch with us through email or phone and tell us what you're looking for. Note that there is sometimes a several week leadtime for custom requests. Email bid@ropeandrescue.com

    Do I need a rescue kit?

    What you need is a rescue plan. OSHA requires you to have a plan for promptly rescuing someone in case of a fall. This plan usually has two parts: training, and a tower rescue kit. We've made the kit part easy for you by making this pre-rigged kit. You'll still have to find proper training (check out a few training companies we work with here).




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